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Web Development

A great web application is a work of art with perfect mix of intelligent engineering. We help our clients build and manage websites and web applications that are exceptionally engineered. Our web development process is focused on making a great user experience without compromising on technology, security, performance and scalability.

MEAN Stack

MEAN stack is an open source software bundle that is engineers choice of technology to create dynamic web applications. Its growing popularity is consequence of its easy execution and customization capabilities as per client’s need in building unique web assets. We help you drive all benefit of MEAN stack technology to its maximum from flexibility, simplicity to performance for your web projects.

Open Source

Open source is one of most widely used technology. The code being available openly to modify makes it a favorite of the geek world, to play. Open source is a product of non-profitable community and benefits from real time technical support from industries best talents. It branches from a non-commercial side so the price is just right. As a result it has benefits – flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability—that are unsurpassed by propriety software solutions.

At GenexTek, we help you incorporate open source technology into your web projects to meet your business needs. Our team of experts help you drive all its benefits to suit your needs and modify projects.


E-Commerce is the most widely used form of web application. What started as a medium to display products online has evolved into a complete trading platform, not only for retailers but also for wholesalers, manufacturers, exporters and more. It is important to understand that eCommerce is not just a medium where people can place orders to buy your product and pay for it. The behind the scenes of a successful e-com company is an integrated technology of warehousing, tracking, order management, inventory, alerts, shipments, advertisement and a lot more.

Our team of experts at GenexTek have served 350+ e-coms not only in creating the system, but in managing them and keeping them updated with the latest boons of technology.

GenexTek’s Web Services :

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