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Maintenance & Support

Technical Support & Maintenance

With our happy clients, our technical support and maintenance services are fully equipped to maintain & enhance technical efficiency, reduce system downtime and ensure quality performance. Technical support and maintenance services from GenexTek includes quick bug fixes, continuous content updates and software functionality upgrades.

Our main aim is to save valuable time of our clients by minimizing their efforts to counter any software related problems, monitor, identify and repair bugs. Plus, you can report problems to us any time and our proficient service team will resolve the issues within minimum possible turn-around time.

In addition to bug fixing, we help you through implementation of new soft-wares, system upgrades, content updates, real time repair & monitoring and everything that you may need to support productivity of your IT resources and organization

Server Management

It is established that servers are the most important part of an IT infrastructure but managing servers is an expensive and time consuming activity.

Considering the significance of server management, with our very efficient, reliable and proactive server management services, we help our clients to focus on their core businesses instead of getting stressed with server related issues.

GenexTek offers complete server management from deployment, migration, optimization, updating & regular monitoring of the server to facilitate optimum performance and utilization of IT infrastructure.

With insights on latest server management trends and industry know-how, while we work proactively to prevent any interruptions, failures and delays; we also ensure sufficient storage, timely backups and also enhance the capabilities of your IT infrastructure.

Website Maintenance

Just building a website isn’t ENOUGH, it is more imperative to maintain and keep it UPDATED.

Maintenance and updating is also essential to remain SEO relevant, seek attention from the targeted customers and to induce clients and visitors to browse your site time and again.

Beyond aggregating new business and incorporating new product & service offerings, updating website helps in creating an organized web identity, better goodwill and maximizes leads, traffic, and business opportunities. It also facilitates your efforts in synchronizing your offline and online marketing endeavors.

We understand you have to deal with a lot of things to run your business successfully, nevertheless for your website management you can relax and rely on our expertise and proven techniques.

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