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Enterprise Solution

Business is simple and profitable, when you make the right choice.
Growing business, growing team sizes doesn’t have to mean growing workload. Needs of an enterprise out reach those that of a SME. Enterprises operate in a hyper active market, and at a collateral speed.

We create enterprise IT solutions that serve your specific needs of enterprise architecture and software solutions. Our solutions are made to fit and scale your business needs not the other way round.

Project Management System

Managing delivery within the set timelines is the most crucial element for the survival and success of any organization. GenexTek offers a unique Project Management Solution for planning and managing various tasks & milestones to ensure project completion within the stipulated time. It adds immense control in managing and monitoring the progress of projects by allowing you to identify precise requirements and dependencies at the very beginning of the project.

By setting up the priorities at the commencement, it becomes easier to assign tasks & resources in line with the overall project plan.


A business doesn’t grow by getting new clients; the real growth lies when you get new clients and keeps the old ones happy. Your business is different, so are your customers and such should be your CRM. We design a CRM that suits you and your clients, with no complexities involved. Our focus is on building a solution that delights you, and brings your customer loyalty.

Work Force Management

Managing your workforce doesn’t have to overpower your business management. Work force being the backbone of any enterprise needs to be managed effectively. Working under the umbrella of human resource management, enterprises today need an employee management system that not only records the time and finance aspect of your team, but digest the unique complexities of your business process like resource forecast, performance matrix etc..

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